Samantha can accommodate your dog at The Canine College for a special two-week residential training programme.  

During this time your dog will be exercised and trained twice a day in her secure two-acre paddock. Lessons involve, grooming and handling, sit and stay recall, play and lead manners. Other requirements can be discussed directly with Samantha.

All lessons are taught through motivational methods using food and play. Your dog will be strictly supervised while socialising with Samantha’s dogs.

This is a selective service. All dogs must be fully vaccinated and be safe and reliable around people and other pets.  Residential dogs are not taken off the premises for training


Become a dog trainer
Samantha provides one-to-one training and workshops for groups of up to 10.  Samantha will demonstrate with her own dogs.
The subject covered include:
The social evolution of the dog;
The genetics of behaviour;
Canine Communication between dogs and people.
*Recognising and interpreting signals;
*Observation skills;
*Health and safety;
*Legislation/animal welfare laws.

Handling skills for dog sports
Samantha has successfully competed in the sports of Working Trials (scent work) and Obedience & Agility.

The leap from basic training to the competition environment can be considerable, but with some basic skills and some insider knowledge you and your dog can show off your achievements and maybe even some beautiful rosettes!

Samantha is happy to share her knowledge to help you take your training and passion to the next level.

Get in touch to book your Residential Dog Training