People dogs and Non People dogs

We often hear of doggie people and non doggie people.  However, there are also people dogs and non people dogs. Not all dogs are into people outside their owner or main caregiver.  It is a common misconception that all dogs like people.  They do not.  Some are simply aloof , some have little or no experience of people outside their immediate family, others may have been frightened or traumatised by people or have learned to associate people with a frightening or traumatic event, such as an electric shock or an injury.

In my opinion it is typical of human arrogance to expect dogs to be into us just because we are obviously so worthy of their adoration.  Yes dogs are generally  sociable but they are also highly intelligent and discerning animals who choose who they want to be sociable with.  If a dog takes a dislike to a person,  no matter who they are  I would trust the dog’s instinct and review my own knowledge and perceptions.

When faced with any dog but especially a nervous or suspicious dog especially if they are restrained on a lead, it is advisable to leave them alone and give them lots of physical space  and time to observe you.  No attempt should be made to befriend them.  If you encroach on their space before they feel safe they may well growl at you in an effort to get you to back off.  A growl is always a warning sign and should never be reprimanded but respected and heeded. Growls that are not heeded usually end up in a bite for which the dog may well pay the price with its life.  So whether you are a doggie person or a non doggie person please be mindful to  respect their choices.