The Do’s & Don’t’s with Dogs

  • – Children and dogs should never be left unattended, no matter how well behaved.
  • – Don’t get a dog that will grow bigger than your smallest child.
  • – Children and dogs need to be taught how to interact safely through playing with toys.
  • – It’s important than children are encouraged to be calm around dogs.
  • – Visiting children should be discouraged from interacting with your dog as it may not be as tolerant of children outside its own family.
  • – Children need to be taught how to pet a dog. Most dogs do not enjoy being stroked on the head. Only pet a dog once he has accepted you, and from his collar to his tail only.
  • – Never allow a child to approach a dog without the owner’s permission.
  • – Never try to pet a dog that is tied up or restricted as they cannot move away and may growl or bite if approached.
  • – Never disturb a dog while sleeping or eating.
  • – Never pursue a dog under or behind anything as he may try to defend himself.
  • – Never leave a child alone with more than one dog. The dog’s instinctive behaviour is to behave as a dog, and this is only ever controlled under the influence of his human master. Left to their own devices, dogs will always behave as dogs.
smiling child with mother petting a labrador dog in a field

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