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March 2021

Preparing for your new puppy

Preparing for your Puppy

Preparing for a new puppy.  Copyright  Samantha Rawson 18/03/2021 Bringing your puppy home. This is a big transition in your pup’s life and can cause a lot of stress for the pup. Bear in mind that your new pup has lost all that is familiar to it, including its mother and its siblings.  Our job is...

January 2021

Samantha & The Canine College on television.

I was delighted to be work with financial advisor Eoin McGee on RTE's How to be good with money. I really enjoyed the experience and received some very sound advice from Eoin. I would like to thank all the crew at Indipics for being such a great bunch of people to...

How to respond if your dog displays signs of aggression

Over the last few days I have received phone call from concerned owners whose dogs are displaying aggression. The common factor in all cases was the dog displayed aggression when the owner was trying to remove something from the dog. Dogs are very curious animals and love to explore novel items by holding them...

November 2023

July 2023

The Do’s & Don’t’s with Dogs

- Children and dogs should never be left unattended, no matter how well behaved. - Don’t get a dog that will grow bigger than your smallest child. - Children and dogs need to be taught how to interact safely through playing with toys. - It’s important than children are encouraged to be calm around dogs. - Visiting children...