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January 2021

How to respond if your dog displays signs of aggression

Over the last few days I have received phone call from concerned owners whose dogs are displaying aggression. The common factor in all cases was the dog displayed aggression when the owner was trying to remove something from the dog. Dogs are very curious animals and love to explore novel items by holding them...

December 2020

House training a puppy

The goal of house training is to teach your puppy to associate the relief of emptying his bladder with a particular place that you have chosen. How long does house training take? This can vary a lot between different dogs do there are no hard and fast rules. Realistically it can take up to six months...

Crate training or not?

In times past dogs were curtailed to the kitchen. Modern living seems to promote and favour open plan living, however this is not always conducive to the training and management of your family dog. A house with doors and segregated areas make it much easier to control the movement of the pup/dog around the home. This is...

November 2020