Behaviour assessments and Consultations.

Behaviour problems require behaviour modification which takes a deeper dive to discover why?  Only when we know why can we know what we can do to help.  Most of a dog’s behaviour is normal even if undesirable.  It is important to remember that behaviour can only ever be modified not fixed.

Two-hour Individual Training/Behaviour Consultation is provided at The Canine College.

The consultation begins with an initial assessment.

Samantha will walk with you and your dog in the secure exercise paddock and talk through your issues with your dog.

Based on her observations and a detailed case history, an individual training plan will then be devised for you and your dog.

Please bring waterproof footwear. Dogs must wear a collar and lead. No Flexi leads please.

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Our aim is to help owners to understand their dogs so that they can build a lifetime bond through trust, compromise and play. People and dogs who play together … stay together.

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