Advice on Buying a Puppy

Please do not buy a puppy without researching where it has come from. A good breeder will ask you the prospective owner as many questions as you should ask them.

Both breeder and buyer should have the puppy’s welfare at heart.

Buy a puppy in haste and you will pay much more than the price of the pup !

Here are some helpful guidelines.

Do not buy two pups at the same time as this can turn out to be double trouble
  1. Always go and see the puppies and make sure the seller is a reputable breeder and not a puppy farm or agent. On the initial visit please leave your wallet at home!
  2. You should look around the premises and pay close attention to the general condition of the dogs. Are they healthy? Are the parents present? Are the parents happy healthy & friendly?
  3. Are the premises clean?
  4. It can be very useful to ask who their attending vet is? And go and talk to the vet. Or go and talk to the local vet to enquire about the seller.
  5. It is advisable to visit the puppies on at least two occasions at different times of the day to get to know your pup and the breeder.
  6. All information about the pup should be supported by documentary evidence. …Especially inoculations. Only vets should administer inoculations. All inoculations should have a batch number and be signed by a vet.
  7. Never ever buy a pup from someone you have no information about and that you have not met at least once.
  8. All pups should be seen by your vet as soon as you get them home
  9. Research your chosen breed very, very carefully. Time is a very precious commodity. The biggest gift you can give to your dog is your time.