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Using her understanding of canine behaviour Samantha treats each dog according to its individual needs and is committed to using positive and motivational methods.

Samantha is a Certified Canine Behaviour and training consultant who is passionate about dogs and works as an advocate for dogs to provide owners with a better understanding of their dogs for a mutually respectful relationship. This can only be based on trust with lots of patience , even more patience and good clear communication.

.Samantha regularly provides advice on dog behaviour and training in newspapers, on local and national radio and on TV and is also a popular and entertaining speaker at groups and clubs.

Samantha's Blog

People dogs and Non People dogs

We often hear of doggie people and non doggie people.  However, there are also people dogs and non people dogs. Not all dogs are into people outside their owner or main caregiver.  It is a common misconception that all dogs like people.  They do not.  Some are simply aloof , some have little or no experience of people outside their immediate family, others may have been frightened or traumatised by people or have learned to associate people with a frightening or traumatic event, such as an electric shock or an injury. In my opinion it is typical of human arrogance to expect dogs to be into us just because we are obviously so worthy of their adoration.  Yes dogs are generally  sociable but they are also highly intelligent and discerning animals who choose who they want to be sociable with.  If a dog takes a dislike to a person,  no matter who they are  I would trust the dog’s instinct and review my own knowledge and perceptions. When faced with any dog but especially a nervous or suspicious dog especially if they are restrained on a lead, it is advisable to leave them alone and give them lots of physical space  and time to observe you.  No attempt should be made to befriend them.  If you encroach on their space […]

Leaving Lockdown – Teaching dogs how to be alone.

Leaving Lockdown without our Canine Companions. We have faced our first pandemic and have enjoyed lots of time at home with our dogs  Some quiet introverted dogs may have found a busy household overwhelming and will enjoy the peace and quiet as the family returns to work and their lives beyond the home. Other sociable extrovert type dogs may miss the entertainment and our constant companionship. Here is some useful information to help you to help your dogs with the transition as we adjust to our new normal.  We are all in a state of adjustment, so it is important that we provide a strong and secure role model to our dogs.  This means we are responsible for our own behaviour and how it may contribute to our dogs’ emotional state. Therefore, no big goodbyes and no big hellos.  This information is especially relevant for new puppy parents to prevent problematic behaviours developing.  Prevention is always better and much easier to implement than a behaviour modification programme.   A Dogs Den or Designated Area. It is important for a dog’s overall security that they have their own consistent resting area within the home. Ideally this should be away from the door that the owner and family use to leave or enter the house, so that the dog does not see […]

Samantha appears regularly on local and national media sharing advice on dog training and behaviour.

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